Oklahoma Juvenile Law

When a juvenile is charged with a criminal offense and is sent to a juvenile court, the focus is ordinarily on what will rehabilitate the juvenile, rather than on punishment. Often, the offender will be said to have committed a "delinquent act," as opposed to a "criminal offense." The juvenile court has broad discretion to tailor a sentence to the needs of a young offender. This is not to say that juveniles are not sentenced to prision - many states have large juvenile prisons and treatment facilities. It is understood that some juvenile offenders are very dangerous, despite their age, and that incarceration can be appropriate.

The specific rights afforded to a juvenile offender vary. In some states, juveniles have the right to trial by jury, while in others they have no such right. Juvenile courts tend to be less formal than adult courts. Sometimes, the rules of evidence will be more relaxed, and evidence will be heard to judge the juvenile's "delinquency" which would not be allowed at an adult's criminal trial.

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