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Rick Henthorn strives for timely resolution of difficult family situations with a minimal level of confrontation, particularly when children are involved.

Rick has the experience to help you navigate your way through these difficult times. His first and foremost responsibility are to children that might be involved in the divorce. The “D” word has so many negative connotations that the State now officially grants only “Dissolution of Marriages” and not Divorces. This change is welcomed by many with other subtleties including listing the parties as Petitioner and Respondent as opposed to Petitioner and Defendant.

The biggest challenge we have in representing clients in these actions is both parties being able to work through the "grief" and other emotions related to ending the marriage. When both parties focus on taking care of business and setting emotions aside the process can be completed in much less time and will much less in costs and attorney fees.

Some divorce attorneys are hired because they have a reputation for being aggressive, when the boomerang effect means the parties will both spend more money than they should have to on attorney fees and costs. Rick can protect your interests without expending all of your money finding out things that you already knew.

Rick also handle other types of Family Law proceedings including Divorce; Property Division; Spousal Support and Alimony; Child Custody; Child Support; Father's Rights; Visitation; Paternity; Adoptions; Guardianships; Protective Orders; and Contempt of Court Proceedings.

Oklahoma has two types of divorce: absolute divorce and limited divorce. An absolute divorce, in legal ease, is a judicial termination of a marriage based on marital misconduct or other statutory cause arising after the marriage ceremony. After getting an absolute divorce in Oklahoma, which requires six (6) months of residency, the status of both the husband and wife become legally single again.

If you have a question regarding a Oklahoma divorce, or other family law-related litigation, please Contact Rick, he is an Oklahoma divorce lawyer that puts your children's interest first.

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