Certified Mediation Services in Oklahoma

When it comes to alternative dispute resolution, experience and know-how are paramount to a successful settlement. Rick is an experienced certified mediator, and specializes in divorce mediation.

Knowing you are ready to use certified divorce mediation is important in a successful mediation cases. Even if you and your spouse don't feel ready for mediation, you might want to consider the financial and emotional costs of contested divorce to help you decide. Use the following guidelines to see if a certified divorce mediation is right for you, consider the following:

Mutual Agreement for Divorce
Spouses find it easier to begin working on a settlement if both agree the divorce is necessary.
Remaining on Good Terms
Spouses who desire to remain on good terms with each other arrive at a compromise quicker than those who don't. It's not crucial to the success of the mediation, but it certainly helps.
Understanding the Finances
If both parties understand the financial situation, then that understanding improves the chances of certified divorce mediation. For successful mediation, both parties need to perform a 'reality check' and ask for only what is needed. If one party is unrealistic about the division of the property, debt and support, the chances for a successful, mediated settlement decrease dramatically.
If physical abuse has occurred during the marriage, then it may not be possible to keep tempers from flaring. The 'fear factor' may also lead to intimidation, thereby leading to an unsuccessful settlement for one or both parties.

If you would like to discuss divorce or other types of mediation, please contact Rick by using our Intake Form or calling (405)354-6800 today.

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